Tom Sinkinson CAWelcome to my website! To my friends and clients, it is great to talk to you again. To the visitors to my site – Hi!

Here are some historical facts about myself. Some of you may know that I am originally a Prairie boy. I was born in Melita, Manitoba but grew up in Brandon, Manitoba mostly.  I had 2 brothers and a sister. Sadly I lost my oldest brother to cancer in 2008. My other brother is in Calgary, AB and my sister is in Rosedale, BC.

I was fortunate to have my parents live long and busy lives. My father, Lionel Sinkinson, passed away in 2011 at the age of 95, and my mother, Jean Sinkinson, passed away in 2010 at the age of 92. Active till the end, my parents left a legacy of strong and resourceful children and grandchildren. They were hard working and honest people, and I was proud to be a part of their lives.

In 1977, I passed my exams and became a practicing Chartered Accountant. (Funny that I had to pass the exam to start to “practice”!) I wrote my exam in Winnipeg, Manitoba while I lived in Brandon and worked (articled) with Meyers, Norris and Penny, a local CA firm at that time.  In the same year, I re-met my wife, Hilma, and her daughter, Dianne. In a whirlwind romance, we married less than 10 months after meeting up again.  Our first meeting was less than exciting when 6 years earlier I was a lowly student accountant and she was a cost accountant at McKenzie Seeds Co. in Brandon.  Yes, my wife was a Prairie girl! (Are you sensing a pattern here?)

We married on October 1st, 1977, and moved to Rocky Mountain House, AB, 4 days later. I had joined a partnership there called Burrington, Heywood, Hills and Blair, Chartered Accountants. Nine months and 4 days later, our son Chris was born – gratefully in July, missing tax season!

We loved Rocky Mountain House, and it was very good to our family. Our daughter Tara was born in 1981 and Samantha in 1983. We ended up buying an acreage, complete with an Arabian horse for Dianne, and a Shetland pony – well, to torment me when I had to help get her hooves trimmed.

In 1989 we made the move back to Manitoba. Both of our parents were there, and it made sense to get closer to them. Hence began 2 years of being rather miserable. I was not practicing public accounting, but rather working in industry. I was not feeling challenged and the work felt like drudgery. When the corporation I was working at closed its doors, I felt free to explore the West again. Brian Rankin contacted me from Quesnel, BC. We started discussions and Rankin and Sinkinson, Chartered Accountants was formed!

I moved here in January 1991 and Hilma moved the family out at the start of June. This gave the children a chance to go to school and meet new friends before the long summer dragged out in front of them.

So it is now 2014. Quesnel has been a true home for my practice and my family. To read the dry facts of my credentials, well, you will have to check out my About My Practice page.