“Number Crunchers”, Bean Counters, or  people who JUST do your taxes, often that is how Chartered Accountants are seen but the CA profession has changed dramatically over the past half century! CAs are still the leading authority on tax issues and auditing, but did you know they’re also at the forefront of new business valuations; corporate and personal financial planning; insolvency; and environmental and forensic accounting and assurance?

Does YOUR Accountant have the letters “CA” after their name?

Tom Sinkinson, CA does and this means you are dealing with someone who has experienced the most diverse and in-depth training of any professional accountant.  By virtue of an unparalleled and rigorous academic program, a minimum entry requirement of a university degree (or equivalent), and the requisite three years of experience in an approved CA Training Office, the recipients of the CA designation achieve superior and unique qualifications.

In short: Tom is trained find solutions to YOUR complex business problems.

Tom Sinkinson, CA is an experienced business leader and entrepreneur who upholds the highest of standards in not just himself but his business practices and his staff.

Trust, Integrity, Independence

These values make Tom Sinkinson,CA the best business decision for your accounting needs, period.